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Let us balance between your creativity and your business.


  • Do you have great ideas but don't know how to apply them to your business?
  • Do you wish you could be in multiples places at one time for different events to maximize your profits?
  • Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by having to check all of those emails and extra paperwork?


Brooke-Lynn Solutions has the solution for you!








"Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our artistic approach that we forget to be the brand. There should always be a balance between the art and the business. Every great artist deserves a great team behind them. We are here to build and reconstruct your blueprint." CI






Brooke-Lynn Solutions was created by a young woman from New Jersey named Curby Ingram. She entered the fashion industry with a dream to establish her own modeling agency. She has always had the passion to be a great motivator and positive role model. Though soft-spoken, Curby has a strong drive and great work ethic to move to the next level.


Curby's philosophy is "you cannot teach what you're not willing to learn." Moving on that philosophy caused her to set out to develop herself as a model and develop her own platform. She wanted to be able to recycle the ethics, teach, and provide great avenues for emerging fashion models such as herself. With great talent but low demand for the petite plus size model market; she created a movement to showcase such models called Petite-Plus Size Models: The Missing Element. Through that movement she drove a push to showcase talents and exercise their drive to build their brands and not to limit themselves.


Curby created opportunities with her other talents of coordinating events. She found herself producing model calendars, conducting model contests, providing creative direction for multiple photoshoots, co-produced SJ Fashion Weekend, executive produced Paparazzi Captures Fashion Runway Showcase, co-produced Curves for a Cure: The Red Edition, coached models during photoshoots, produced images as a photographer for designers' brands on sets as well as for a few runway shows. She has had her work published both as a model and as a photographer. She also served as designer liaison with Full Figured Fashion Week.


In reflection of seeing and working with great talents. She noticed many lacking the business ethic due to minimum resources, time and money; She also noticed a lot of professionals being taken advantage of through opportunities that could be fruitful. Curby developed her brand as a project manager and concierge to help assist the emerging professional get to the next level and overcome the obstacles. "We often encounter problems but not many want to troubleshoot. I have a remedy for you. It's Brooke-Lynn Solutions.




We want to hear your brand problem and offer you a solution. Our solutions can be helping you develop a plan for your next business step. It can also be physical help of providing you administrative services, production assistance, being a representative at a separate location to help maximize your networking opportunities, and creative direction for your next promotion.

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